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PRP Hair Loss Prevention & Baldness Treatments

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a highly-effective, reliable and proven treatment for hair loss. Working excellently for both males and females. By taking your own platelet-rich blood, and injecting this into the scalp stimulates hair growth. It does this by encouraging the rejuvenation of follicles and also extending the growth cycle of the hair.

How Does PRP Hair Therapy Work?

During this incredible treatment, we'll take blood from your arm and process this to separate the red blood cells from the plasma containing the platelets. Once this is done, we'll then re-inject this platelet-rich plasma into your scalp in the areas where you're experiencing thinning or hair loss.

This produces excellent results by refreshing the follicles, encouraging positive hair growth.

Is Mesotherapy Painful?

No - We use topical numbing to help ease any discomfort

Is there any down time?

Zero downtime when we are working with hairloss! You can go back to your day to day business straight after treatment

How much does it cost?

Price starts from £300 however during consultation we will discuss how many treatments you may need. We also offer 0% finance to make every treatment affordable

How long is the treatment?

Treatment times varies from 60 - 90 minutes

How often is the treatment?

Treatments are every 2-4 weeks depending on your treatment plan

Have Some More Questions?

How Much Does Mesotherapy Cost?

Prices start from £300 for a single area but we have discounted packages for all our courses.

PRP Therapy Created with Sketch.
Single Treatment Course Of 8
Platelet-Rich Therapy Treatments £300
Save £500
PRP Therapy
Created with Sketch.
Platelet-Rich Therapy Treatments
Single Treatment
Course Of 8
Save £500

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