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Laser Hair Removal Treatments At NYLC

At The New York Laser clinic we are proud to look after all of our customers depending on their individual needs and as such offer bespoke treatments. We are sensitive to all special requests and even more so when someone is undergoing a male to female transformation.

Our laser hair removal services using the latest cutting-edge technology ensure that you are free from unwanted hair faster than you would believe. This immediately reduces the need to shave, wax or thread or have to go through old hair removal techniques like IPL that can be painful and ineffective.

The problem with all temporary treatments is that unwanted body or facial hair is removed, only to grow back more often and even more noticeably than before. This is a general problem and more particular for for transvestites and transgender individuals who would like to achieve a smooth look, completely hair-free for a successful transition.

Painless removal of all unwanted facial and body hair is now possible. Whether you are going through a transition or your transformation, there might be better things to do than spending hours trying to remove all of your unwanted hair daily. Everyone knows how difficult and time consuming this is.

This is why the New York Laser Clinic is proud to offer new laser technologies for all skin types to help you remove your unwanted hair permanently, especially effective and important for transgender individuals. At the New York Laser Clinic we use only grade 4 medical lasers, proven to be gentle and more effective with all types of skin than older technology.

Over 200,000 Happy Clients

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"I've visited the New York Laser Clinic numerous times over the past two years and all of them have been thoroughly positive experiences. The staff are always warm, welcoming and friendly, and clearly have a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the treatments they're administering. In particular, I've had multiple appointments with Christina for laser hair removal at the Baker Street branch, and each time she's been absolutely superb: easily the kindest, most knowledgeable and professional member of staff I've been treated by anywhere. So, if you're considering having a laser hair removal treatment then I highly recommend them!"


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

We recommend between 6 and 8 sessions to see the best results! Some clients require more treatments and we do recommend top up treatments to maintain the result.

How Long Will A Session Take?

The lenght of the treatment depends on the areas treated. Appointments range from 15 minutes to 2 hours. Your consultant will be able to tell you how long your areas will take in total.

How Far Apart Can My Sessions Be?

To start with you will space your appointments out every 6 weeks for body areas and 4 weeks for the face.

What Shall I Do If I Need To Cancel?

If you need to cancel your appointment please give us 24 hours notice so that we can allow another client to take the appointment.

Have Some More Questions?

Our London Clinics

The New York Laser Clinic + MediSpa opened in Mayfair, London in February 2004 and has now is been established as an award-winning aesthetics company for over 14 years.

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost?

Prices start from £39 for a single area but we have discounted packages for all our courses as well as interest free payment plans.

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