Healite LED Light Facials

Available at all clinics.

Healite is a highly efficient, non-invasive treatment used to speed up the wound recovery stage post laser or surgery. Helping to reduce pain, bruising, edema and erythema.

A course of Healite treatment offers prophylaxis against scar formation and reduces PIH. As well as simulating the skins natural rejuvenation and hair regrowth development.

Discover the benefits of Healite of how this innovative treatment has proven to improve clinical results.

Healite LED Light Facials

Healite LED Express

Cleansing, LED light therapy, moisturise & SPF

30 min / £30
3 for £75
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Healite LED New York Deluxe

Cleansing, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy & mask combined, vitamin booster, moisturise, SPF

60 min / £60
3 for £150
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Healite LED New York Glow

Cleansing, peel, moisturise, SPF, full make up, File, nourish+Polish
(only Thursday & Friday evenings)

75 min / £80
3 for £200
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