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Milia Removal at NYLC, London

Babies often will have Milia under their skin, but as we get older the white spots tend to disappear. In some cases, however, they will remain and can grow to cause embarrassment, especially as they are prominent around the eyes, nose, forehead and cheeks.

You might be surprised as to how easy or how fast you can remove milia spots, pop by in your lunch time to have these removed by our skin specialist.

Once removed we do advise to have regular microdermabrasion to minimise the chances of these returning

What are Milia or Milk Spots?

These are small bumps which form under the skin, often around your eyes on your cheeks or across your nose. While they are not painful or a cause for concern health-wise, many find them embarrassing and would like to remove them.

They are small fat deposits, where there has been a buildup of excess oils and keratin (a naturally occurring protein). This helps rejuvenate hair, nails and skin - but it can become trapped, creating small cysts or Milia to form.

While these can be removed via Microdermabrasion, we recommend laser treatment as the best form of treatment.

Over 200,000 Happy Clients

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"I was made really welcome by the staff at the clinic. The procedures were explained clearly to me and made me feel really relaxed. I had Microdermapeel, Pellieve full neck and face and Hifu no knife facelift. The instant results are amazing and they get better over the next couple of months. Both Susete and Camelia were very professional, chatty and friendly. I can unreservedly recommend this clinic. Thank you again"


Are Milia Removal Treatments PAINFUL?

Depending on how deep the milia are, you may feel a slight pull on the skin from the microlance and a bit of pressure from the slight squeeze to pop it out - Overall it is very minimal discomfort

Is there any down time?

You may have slight redness around the area but usually this subsides within the hour.

How much does it cost?

Prices start at £85 for a half hour treatment. We will advise you if you may need more than one sitting on the day of consultation.


Treatment takes approximately 30 minutes. This does include a full cleanse facial

Have Some More Questions?

How Much Do Milia Removal Treatments Cost?

Prices start from £85 for a single treatment, you'll find our price list below, however if you have any questions please do let us know. We'll be happy to help over the phone or in person.

Milia Removal Created with Sketch.
Single Treatment
Face - 30 mins £85
Milia Removal
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Face - 30 mins
Single Treatment

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