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Great News! We now have Clatuu or Cryolipolysis, which is a non-invasive procedure during which your fat cells are effectively frozen and therefore killed off. Reducing unwanted stubborn pockets of fat and improving the overall appearance of your silhouette.
Also Body Sculpting Hifu works at even deeper depths to treat, contour, smooth and firm unwanted stubborn areas and to tighten loose skin.
Even better news!
We are offering 50% off all courses of 3 on Clatuu, the perfect treatment to get you ready for summer!
Sale Price: £975
RRP: 1950
We also have Ultraformer, Non-Surgical Facelift – NO RISK, NO DOWNTIME, NO SCARRING!
Full Face: £795 plus two FREE blue peels!
Course of three applications now £2385 plus 6 FREE Blue peels.
Contact us for a FREE consultation today!