Dermal Fillers

Lines and wrinkles, sagging skin and thinner lips are all a fact of life as you get older but they don’t have to be. Dermal fillers are a highly effective non-surgical cosmetic treatment designed to reduce these inevitable signs of ageing. If you long to banish lines and wrinkles, or you want fuller lips or plumper cheeks, a dermal filler treatment could be the answer to your wishes.

A dermal filler is a soft tissue filler typically composed of hyaluronic acid, collagen or biosynthetic polymers which is injected directly into the areas that require treatment, filling out the skin and temporarily reversing several common signs of ageing.

Dermal fillers are safe and effective with little or no side effects, making this treatment a popular alternative to cosmetic surgery. The fillers reinstate lost volume in your facial tissue, which has the effect of filling out lines and wrinkles and lifting sagging skin. What’s more, the hyaluronic acid or collagen found in many facial fillers has natural anti-ageing properties, effectively moisturising your skin and making it simultaneously more supple. The result is smoother, younger-looking skin that feels firmer and tighter, giving you a more radiant and youthful overall appearance.

Dermal facial fillers have a number of applications, the most common being for treating wrinkles and sagging skin beneath the eyes, crow’s feet, and frown and forehead furrows. Dermal fillers can fill in acne pits, and are a treatment for restoring facial volume for plump, healthy-looking cheeks. The hyaluronic fillers are also popular as a non-surgical solution for creating fuller lips and recontouring the bridge of the nose.

Price List Summary

Sculptra - Cheek enhancement
£525 £420
Juvederm Voluma (1 ml)
£450 £360
Juvederm Voluma (2 ml)
£850 £765
Juvederm Smile
£335 £268
Juvederm Ultra 4
£350 n/a
Restylane - Nasolabial
£275 n/a
Restylane - Lips
£300 n/a
£400 n/a
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dermal filler treatments are administered by your qualified New York Laser Clinic practitioner. During your treatment, you will discuss which areas you want to target, and your practitioner will then inject the filler into the precise area or areas you have highlighted, using a very fine needle. The treatment is fast, and you will be able to return to your everyday routine straight afterwards.
You will experience only minor discomfort from your treatment, but a numbing local anaesthetic cream may be applied before your treatment if necessary.
You will notice the results of your dermal filler treatment straightaway. The results are temporary because the filler will eventually be absorbed by your body, so top-up treatments are required to maintain these fantastic results for longer than the six to twelve months that they typically last.