Facial Thread Veins Removal

Pioneered by Dr Brian Newman, Veinwave™ is a technique specifically for thread vein removal. Banish thread veins and spider veins with Veinwave™ treatment in London. Why live with an unsightly problem when you don’t have to? A simple procedure at the New York Laser Clinic can make all the difference, ridding you of those thread veins that we try so hard to cover up.

The truth is that any visible facial veins can be treated, particularly spider veins but even the smallest clusters of veins that often appear on the face of rosacea sufferers. We can also offer the revolutionary Veinwave treatment.

To answer any questions you may have about the Veinwave or any other treatment why not contact us at any of our Clinics on the telephone numbers at the top of the page or make an appointment for a free consultation.

Price List Summary

Treament Area
2 Sessions *
Top up sessions - £145
£290 £145

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Frequently Asked Questions

A tiny sterile needle cauterises the facial veins in the thread vein removal treatment. The veins might remain red shortly after the treatment before fading and dissolving in the body.
Perhaps a mild discomfort, but Veinwave treatment is generally safe and painless.
Very. Take a look at our before and after photographs.
Your initial consultation will be free of charge and will establish how many treatments you will need. For facial veins we usually find that two to four treatments suffice. Of course there is no obligation to undergo treatment.