Remove unwanted hair with precision laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

There are a number of treatments that will get rid of unwanted body hair. However, most of these hair removal treatments do not produce permanent results, are painful to the patient and have to be repeated several times.

At the New York Laser Clinic we offer the latest laser hair removal treatments that permanently reduce body & facial hair. Prevent the re-growth of hair, freeing you from the inconvenience of painful waxing or shaving and the constant worry of unsightly hair. Our clinics are using cutting-edge medical grade lasers that are approved by the USA Food and Drug Administration for Laser Hair Removal to achieve the best results.

The effectiveness of our gentle treatments is based on a simple schedule of repeated laser treatments, spaced over the period of a few months. The time gaps ensure that the hair follicles can be targeted in their growth stage, with their removal at this early stage causing a gradual reduction in hair growth and a long lasting smooth hairless appearance.

Our Candela Laser is suitable to all skin types, with 6-8 recommended sessions.

This advanced hair removal laser machine offers a gentle and effective way to stop hair growth in unwanted areas. Their superior technology means you will get better results with less treatments, achieving smoother hair-free skin faster than clinics that use older machines.

Contact us with any further questions you may have about our laser hair removal treatments. Our knowledgeable staff in one of our London clinics will book in your free consultation to discuss your target areas and schedule.


  • Fast, Safe & Effective
  • Medical Grade Laser
  • Pain-Free
  • Permanent Hair Reduction
  • Smoother Skin All Year Round
  • Affordable
  • Stops Ingrown Hair
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Price List Summary

PackagesSingleCourse of 6Buy 4 get 2 FreeCourse of 8Buy 5 get 3 FreeCourse of 3 Top Up
Any Bikini plus 1 of
Underarms, Peri-anal or Navel / Pubis
£149 Buy 6 for £447 Save £447.00
(50% off)

Buy 8 for £536 save £655
(55% off)
Buy 3 Top Up for £246 (45% off)
Any Bikini plus 2 of
Underarms, Peri-anal or Navel / Pubis
£199 Buy 6 for £567 save £626.85
(53% off)

Buy 8 for £716 save £875.60
(55% off)
Buy 3 Top Up for £299 (50% off)
Any Bikini plus
Underarms, Peri-anal & Navel / Pubis
£249 Buy 6 for £710 save £784.35
(53% off)
Buy 8 for £896 save £1,095.60
(55% off)
Buy 3 Top Up for £374 (50% off)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser machines are attracted by a skin substance called melanin, the dark pigment that gives colour to hair. The laser tracks this pigment to the root of each hair and then releases heat energy, causing enough damage to the hair follicle to hinder growth. As these excess hair treatments can only target the hair that is presently in a state of growth, a series of sessions is usually required to guarantee a long-lasting final outcome.
The treatment is virtually painless. Your skin may be slightly red for a short time afterwards, this is normal and settles within 24 hours. We recommend to keep out of strong sunlight throughout your course of treatment and ALWAYS use an SPF [sun protection factor] 30 on the area you are having treated.
To get the best result treatments should be in regular intervals. We would suggest every 4 weeks for facial hair and every 6 weeks for other parts of the body. Our experience is that you should plan on a minimum of 6 laser treatments in total.