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A little known fact: did you know that 40% of our clients are men?

You are not alone in considering laser hair removal. We have seen an enormous increase in the number of male clients since we first opened our first clinic 12 years ago. Men are increasingly visiting us to get rid or lessen the volume of hair that they have on their body. The procedure is becoming very common – we see all orientations in our clinics – from men who have hairy backs, to those wanting something more personal…we cater for all situations discreetly and professionally.

Laser hair removal for men can be applied just as well as in women – it is far less painful (in fact the most you should feel is a temporary mild discomfort) than waxing or plucking and once done you won’t need to shave again, or, if it is your back then getting someone else to shave it for you.

It is effectively pain free, with mild temporary discomfort the worst you are likely to experience. The treatment works by zapping the hair follicle thereby inhibiting its regrowth – the laser uses Melanin (which is the dark pigment in hair) to transfer the energy into the follicle in order to destroy it.

As hair grows at different times you will need about 6-8 treatments to be totally hair free but you should start seeing a real benefit after your first session.

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