Face Rejuvenation & Skin Tightening


Pellevé is a truly revolutionary new treatment for face rejuvenation and tightening. Pellevé is exceptionally effective at achieving smoother and tighter skin defying age which causes skin to lose its firmness.

This has helped this treatment to become the most popular non-surgical treatment for face tightening and rejuvenation.

The Pellevé Technology

Using advanced radio-wave technology the treatment applies heat to the deeper layers without damaging the skin surface. The natural collagen in the skin contracts with the heat and tightens, reducing wrinkles.

One of the great advantages of Pelleve is that after the initial treatment the skin continues to produce new collagen, furthering the process of tightening.

FDA approved

Pellevé is a safe non-surgical treatment patented by Cynosure International, that has full United States FDA clearance for the treatment of skin lines and wrinkles.

To answer questions you may have about Pellevé or any other skin treatment contact us at one of our London clinics or alternatively make an appointment with us for a free consultation.

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Price List Summary

PackagesSingle TreatmentCourse of 3Course of 6
Deluxe Package
Eyes, Forehead, Howls, Cheeks, Jawline & Neck - 60 Minutes
£460 Buy 3 for £920 Save £460Buy 6 for £1650 Save £1,110
Bespoke Package
Any One of:
Eyes & Forehead
Jowls & Cheeks
Jowls & Jawline
Neck or Hands or Décolleté
30 Minutes
£210 Buy 3 for £415 Save £215Buy 6 for £745 Save £515
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Frequently Asked Questions

Pellevé can be used to treat the skin on the face, décolleté [above the breasts] neck and hands. After the treatment, sagging skin will tighten under the chin, the wrinkles around the mouth, the folds that run from nose to mouth, lines on the forehead, crow’s feet lines and folds between the eyebrows.
Treatment with Pellevé produces a deep warming sensation each time the Pellevé hand-piece touches the area being treated. No anaesthetic is required. The Pellevé treatment will take about 30-60 minutes for a full facial treatment.
Yes. The Pellevé wrinkle reduction programme is suitable for both men and women and works well on most skin types. The Pellevé treatment can also be used on tanned skin.
Absolutely. Pellevé is one of the few anti-aging procedures that can do so.
Most people experience results immediately; just after one treatment with lasting benefits for up to six months as your skin produces new collagen.Two to four weeks treatments however are reccomanded. Usually improvement to the skin begin after the first treatment but the skin will continue to improve with results lasting up to three years. Injectable treatments results will be seen almost immediately.
Possible side effects of Pellevé treatment include a very mild discomfort during the procedure within the area that was treated. There may also be some mild redness and or swelling for a short period. This usually will disappear within a few hours making Pellevé an ideal lunchtime treatment.
You’ll be able to discuss this and get some great advice from our experts during your free initial consultation, after which, of course, there is no obligation to continue. You’ll find details of our prices and current offers here.