Skin Peels

If beauty comes from deep within your skin, then make the most of it! Rejuvenate your skin with our facial skin peels and reveal the fresh, youthful skin underneath!

There are a variety of skin peel treatments available at NYLC + Medispa. We provide chemical facial peels that have been used for decades to revitalise and resurface the skin. One of the latest and most exciting however, is our Green Peel™ treatment. This is a medically developed, biologically-based method of skin regeneration that helps to obtain smoother, clearer and fresher skin by using a special blend of pure natural plant and herb ingredients. 

This treatment is a natural, plant and herb based skin peel and is very effective.

A chemical peel works by applying a coating on the skin in order to remove damaged outer layers, then gently peeling it away to reveal the younger, clearer and more radiant skin complexion underneath.

To answer any questions you may have about chemical facial peels or any other skin peel then why not contact a specialist at any one of our clinics, or make an appointment for a free no-obligation consultation where we can discuss what skin peel would be right for you.

Our skin treatments include:

Green Peels Dr Schrammek
Glycolic Peels

Price List Summary

Skin Peels *
Single Treatment Price Course of 3 Course of 6
Glycolic Peels Face
(30 mins)
£50 Buy 3 for £120 save £30

Buy 6 for £200 save £100
Glycolic Peels Face + Neck
(45 mins)
£75 Buy 3 for £180 save £45

Buy 6 for £300 save £150

Glycolic Peels Hands or Feet
(30 mins)
£50 Buy 3 for £120 save £30

Buy 6 for £200 save £100

Glycolic Peel Back or Up Chest
(45 mins)
£115 Buy 3 for £276 save £69

Buy 6 for £460 save £230

Green Peel Face Fresh Up
£100 Buy 3 for £240 save £60
Buy 6 for £400 save £200
Green Peels Mela White
£100 Buy 3 for £240 save £60
Buy 6 for £400 save £200
Green Peels Energy
£100 Buy 3 for £240 save £60
Buy 6 for £400 £200

Green Peels Classic
(Includes skincare products for aftercare)
£300 Buy 3 for £720 save £180
Buy 6 for £1,200 save £600

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Frequently Asked Questions

In essence both Green Peel™ and a chemical peel work the same way. Both peels involve removing the damaged outer layers by applying the skin with a coating, revealing the younger, clearer and more radiant complexion underneath.

Chemical Peels, also known as "Lunchtime Peels" are traditionally performed on the face, hands, neck, back and shoulders, legs and other problem areas to treat fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and skin discolouration. Chemical Peels are also effective in treating mild scarring and acne. Green Peel™ works in very much the same way.
No, although the Green Peel™ may cause some slight discomfort for a fraction of the treatment.
A chemical peel treatment will usually last between 30-60 minutes and provide one of the most effective methods of erasing the marks of sun damage and rejuvenating ageing skin. Peels may also remove pre-cancerous skin growths, soften acne scars and even control acne.
The cost of the treatment will depend on the advice you receive during your free initial consultation, and of course, you are under no obligation to continue. The details of treatment prices and current offers can be found on our price page.